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Write with a Literary Agent

Get one-to-one advice and put it into action under the eye of an agent

Small group writing advice session with Jacq Burns.

Most writers need help somewhere in the writing and pitching process.

You can get help to plan your book, to start writing and keep going, in the drafting and editing or the pitching process.

These small goup sessions (max. of 4 writers) are a mix of one-to-one advice and taking action on that advice that will move you on from whatever stage you are at and get your book written faster.

If you’re finished your book and are ready to prepare your book proposal and synopsis or you want to create a platform for your book, you can do that here too.
What you get: One-to-one advice as you plot, plan and write. And if you want to bounce an idea off the group, there are 3 other writers in the group.

Who is it for: Writers of all levels from complete to beginners to published authors. This is a safe, supportive place to get help and advice.

What you need to do: Sign up, submit a synopsis of your book in advance for Jacq and the other writers to read and come along ready to get advice from an agent and act upon it in the session.

Tutored by London Writers’ Club co-founder and Literary Agent, Jacqueline Burns who was commissioning editor at Random House and editorial director at Harper Collins.