Write a Bestseller, Italy

IMG_1635IMG_1622IMG_1580Write your bestseller in Italy with author of Write a Bestseller, Director of London Writers’ Club and literary agent, Jacq Burns. This is a working retreat by day + immersive Puglian culture and food experience by night led by Espressino Travel.

Full details here: Write a Bestseller Retreat Italy 2016 Programme

Psychologist Luana Lewis is retreating with us to write her third psychological crime novel. And when not writing, Luana will generously share with us her journey from idea through to publication. Her second book, Forget me Not,  was published – to critical acclaim from The Guardian – by Transworld, part of the Penguin Random House Group.

It may seem utterly indulgent to take a week out and invest in a retreat but for many of us, escaping the pressures and commitments of everyday life is the only way to carve out the time and focus needed to get a good book written. Getting my help on your book can save you from wasting time, from worrying if your idea is good enough, struggling with the writing or editing, or feeling unsure if you are improving your story as you write.

If you would like to work with me to get your book written and/or ready to pitch this year then join me in Italy and we will make it happen. We will agree on your goal for the retreat, and ensure that you have a personal programme that is workable and achievable.

We will work hard but also have time to learn from other writers by discussing our writing. We will eat and rest well and draw inspiration from our surroundings. Our evenings will include short walking tours to enjoy the sights of the small but perfect towns of the area followed by exquisite Puglian food.

With a mixture of one-to-one time, workshops, practical writing exercises and mindful creativity sessions, you’ll leave this retreat with a clearer sense of your story, and have done a good chunk of writing, editing or redrafting and preparing your pitch.

Along with scheduled workshops and individual advice time, your free writing time is there to use as you wish to suit your creative style and energy: you might write intensively, work at a more reflective pace, or choose to mull over your story while resting.

Your work with me starts prior to the retreat where you submit an outline and a sample of your writing for reading and review and tell me what would like to achieve on the retreat. During this retreat I will reveal the ingredients of a bestselling book and how to write a compelling story that is simply told, well executed, carefully edited and polished ready to be shared.

Download the pdf of our stunning all-inclusive luxury programme and you’ll find a retreat that includes one-to-ones, tuition and workshops + double luxury accomodation for every person + all food, wine and walking tours, all for the same cost as a good hotel room.

Write a Bestseller Retreat Italy 2016 Programme

If you are ready to make your book a reality with Jacq’s expert help. Please email us at laura @londonwritersclub.com to arrange to speak with Jacq to find out if the retreat is right for you.