zena quote from the psychologies event with suzy walker and jacq burns from the london writers club (1)
luana lewis forget me not - with jacq burns at the london writers club
Screw Work Lets Play and Screw Work Break Free Book Covers by John Williams at The Ideas Lab crop

"I arrived with just a few book ideas, months later I had a book deal with a major publisher. I’m now represented by Jacq’s agency and published by Pearson." John Williams, author of Screw Work, Let’s Play

john williams founder of the ideas lab and bestselling author of screw work lets play and screw work break free (1)

"The direction in your feedback was the crucial ingredient in propelling me to a place where I could actually finish the story.  I went on to secure a two book deal with Penguin/Random House, with my first novel Don’t Stand so Close."  Sharon Lewis

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